Transmedia Teens: Apprenticeship in Digital Storytelling

transmediaThis spring, teens from MOUSE Corps, Radio Rookies, and Reel Works will team up with mentors to build storytelling projects across three platforms: web, radio, and video. Teens from each organization will collaborate to create an awesome transmedia interactive that you’ll share and playtest with teens across the Hive Learning Network NYC, and demo at Emoti-Con! 2013.

Transmedia storytelling (also known as multiplatform storytelling) is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. A viewer may watch a video that leads to a website where the story develops, or to an online game where the viewer becomes a participant in the action and can determine the story’s outcome. Transmedia can be simple, using social media and basic audio/video tools, or complex, building new platforms and interactions in all kinds of places – live and virtual!

Still not sure what transmedia is all about? Here are some great links and examples:

Part of what’s cool is that all participating youth will also get an opportunity to learn new media from their peers. Interested in filmmaking or radio journalism in addition to the stuff you do with MOUSE Corps? Then this could be perfect for you. Through this project, youth participants will gain a deeper understanding of how platforms connect to one another. They will learn which media are most effective in delivering which messages as they construct a narrative that carries viewers from platform to platform, and strengthen the most important skill of all – storytelling – which is essential for communication in all forms.

Think you might be interested… MOUSE Corps Members who want to participate must be:

  • available for up to 2 workshop sessions per week from late March – early May
  • have basic web skills and a passion for social media
  • be an excellent collaborator

Youth from three organizations will lead this pilot project and be digital makers with experience and skills within at least one medium –


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