2-26-13 Group Fire Dragon

Question: What features from your first paper/analog prototype will you be able to implement by June?
-Linkage Mechanism that makes the arm extend and retract.
-Other Mechanism is the grabber.
-For now using part from the pickup-reaching tool.
-One cable controlling reach
-One cable controlling grabbing.
-Two motors for both motions
-Rigid Cables
-Joystick to control motors
-Picking up only lightweight objets

Question: What features will you not implement (or save until later)?
-Rather that all 5 fingers in a natural hand, we decided to have just 2 fingers which is the basic you need for grabbing
-Rotating the arm 360 (x,y,z)(we want to use!!)

Create a list of components for your design.
-Arduino Uno
-Actual model of crutches that Tawn uses
-Steel Cable
-Knobs for rotating of pieces
-Something to roll back cable
-2 motors
-Replace wrist splint for right hand
-Jumper wires
-Alligator clips

Draw a “next level” blueprint that includes these components.

Next Week:
-Build Extension Mechanism
-Take the reaching tool/grabber apart
-Save the day
-Solder the joystick kit


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