The Next Big Blueprint…

We thought it was relatively easy to mix soup but the issue lies with mixing something thicker. An idea was to use the mixer connected to a power switch tail and program it with an arduino to turn it off/on. We still need to think about how to move the mixer or how to move the mixer and how to keep the pot stable.
We are thinking about having the mixer attached to the counter space/stove on an arm piece so that the mixer can be moved up and down. We also thought about adding layers to the mixing metal piece itself to make it larger.
What features from your first paper/analog prototype will you be able to implement by June?
The core parts of what the prototype will have a mixer on an arm with up/down movement. There will be an arduino which will control the on/off of the mixer through he power switch tail. In any case we will have to adapt our current beaters so that it will be able to mix a larger portion.
We will program the on/off switch with an arduino.

Support for the mixer which includeds raise/lower, power cables, possible handle to manuvuer.
circuit to control the mixer which includes speed control and on/off control.
something to keep the pot stable and on the stove- with safety.
modified or extension of beaters.
Arduino, power switch tail, Mixer, beaters, breadboard and other programming tools e.g breadboard, wires and tools.

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