Today we tackled the issue of the…

Today we tackled the issue of “the arm”, namely there must be a way to support the mixer in such a way where the user can manipulate it with their arms yet is stable. We based our initial model on a camera arm holder but then realized that counter tops have very little space where the arm may latch onto. There are also very limited areas on the stove itself. Do we use a weight? Latch it onto a burner? Or center the device on the stove? We decided have group members draw designs and from them, took out traits which we liked. The result was a type of bendable bar attached to the wall itself. There will be a type of rod holding the mixer which will be attached to the bendable bar. There is a curved handle which will allow ease of access and movement for a person sitting down and a pivot to which the whole rod will rest. This will allow for a variety of movements similar to the movement of your wrists (or a tripod head).


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