Fire Dragon aka Group D 3/19/13

The Current state of our project would be the following:

1. We have started to assemble parts that we have gathered to start building on our prototype.
2. At the moment we have almost finished soldering the joy stick on the Arduino
3. Also the Motor that we might use a servor that uses circular movement to create a linar movement.
( we planned on using a linear motor but found many issues with using it)
e might run into another problem either causing control and weight on the metal.

How has your idea changed since you started prototyping it?
Not much has changed since we have started this project. Our target us still the same, but we might change the mechanics on the design of the actual Prototype. But the target is still the same.

What are your next steps?
Our next steps would be to get 2 different motors for our prototype. one of the motors would have to work in a linear motion while the other one works on the grip of the fingers.

Here are some pictures:


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