Fire Dragon Meeting – April 2nd 2013

Today in our meeting, we have planned out five next meetings. In addition, we worked on some of our sketches and began coding the joystick and game buttons for the motor. While Zainab and Miguel sketched, several questions were mentioned:

  • How heavy is too heavy?
  • Where would be best to attach the splint on the crutches for the user?
  • Where should the controls of the “extend an arm” be placed?

While we pondered these questions, Omar and Ivan were assembling small prototypes to implement the grasp of the project. Wilson made sure that the code has started and developed for the Arduino.

Our implementation plan is the following:

4/16 – Integrate Components (all motions and improve code)

4/23 – Test Structure (Stability, Weight, Materiality, Smoothness)

4/30 – Wearability, Refine Ergonomics & Code, Efficiency

5/14 – Troubleshooting (Clear blueprint diagram to explain function and prepare for Emoticon)

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