Feedback from Vinita Judy and Laura Questions How…

Feedback from Vinita, Judy and Laura


How easily can you move this joystick?
Vinita: “yes I can move it easily”
Judy: tries to use the joystick and has only a little trouble

Can you hold a Camera?
Vinita: “I can hold the camera well”



. Prefers raised buttons on an enclosure
. wants to be able to use both hands to press shutter
. wants the enclosure to have grips in order to hold well
. has trouble holding a camera with left hand without covering the lens


. wants to be able to turn the camera while holding it with one hand, she can only
get a good grip with her right hand.
. thinks that it would be good if their was a strap to the enclosure
. feels it would be better to have bumps in order to feel the location of the shutter
. wants to be able to take pictures of herself with friend’s (facebook style)


. thinks we should think of making a remote shutter
. wants to make sure that we can use transparent material to 3D print the enclosure


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