Today Feedback

So To start of this Blog Post I will be Stating the Feedback we receive:
1.One thing Tawn Stated was that being right handed.(try to make it Universal)
2.Another thing that she mentioned would be that she prefers the device Attached to the Crutches, or the Wheelchair.
3. Lighter than 5 pounds.
4. Weight that the Arm should be able to pick is about 2-3 pounds.
5. Three fingers is preferred
6. Another thing would be that it would be that it is easily removed, Putty Type .
7.Buttons would be preferred.
8.A way to attach the device to the wheelchair without causing interfering.
9.Walker is 35.5 Inches, 7 Inches From cup holder to the arm grabber. 4.9 (Arm Garber)


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