MOUSE Corps visits WNET Channel 13!

MOUSE Corps workshop at WNET!On Tuesday May 7th, MOUSE Corps had the awesome opportunity to take part in a workshop and tour at New York Public Media hub WNET!

The afternoon began with each MOUSE Corps legacy group being paired with at least two WNET mentors — including VP of Education and former MOUSE Executive Director Carole Wacey, and THIRTEEN General Manager Roz Dav — and getting to know each other over pizza. Next, everyone participated in an activity from MOUSE’s Serious Games curriculum called the Found Object Game. Each group was given one mystery bag filled with rubber bands, pipe cleaners, rubber gloves etc. and told they had five minutes to create a fun, playable table top game together and then pitch it to the rest of the room. It was a great to watch the MOUSE Corps students and the WNET mentors having so much fun and working together to create and pitch some very creative and very funny games like Angry Forks.

MOUSE Corps workshop at WNETAfter that, we were treated to a tour of WNET studios! Highlights included getting to talk to an editor who showed us some sneak peaks of a documentary he was working on in an edit room, going to the control room for the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center, and meeting the “Voice of Channel Thirteen”, Tom Stewart! Then, each group had the opportunity to work on their pitches for their Legacy Projects with the guidance of their WNET mentors. At the end, everyone shared out the tips the mentors had shared with them.

Here are some of the best tips the WNET mentors and MOUSE Corps students shared

  • Say the “Why” first
  • Use stories with names to make your pitch more personal
  • Explain your technology (Instead of just saying ‘Arduino’ explain what an arduino is!)
  • Cover the general overview first, dig deeper second
  • When pitching as a group, the person demoing the product with the person telling the story should collaborate
  • Cut out the fluff/watch the time/pay attention to the order
  • State the problem first
  • Make it universal
  • Repeat your main points to clarify
  • Use real examples and stories

In the end, the day was educational, fun and inspiring for both the students and WNET staff!

MOUSE Corps workshop at WNETMOUSE Corps workshop at WNET

MOUSE Corps workshop at WNETMOUSE Corps workshop at WNET

Thank you WNET!

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