MOUSE Corps Apprenticeship Applications


As we get confirmations on Apprenticeship opportunities, we will post applications & descriptions here. You can apply to all of them, or one or none!  Applications are due by June 4th.


Rev-: 6 Apprenticeships, 10 days – Schedule TBA

Since 2000, REV- has engineered imaginative approaches to advancing cultural equity. We do so through constituency-led campaigns for social justice, youth media arts, research & development, and activities that trammel the boundaries between the printed word and public sphere. We are artists, advocates, media makers, low-wage workers, immigrants, and youth working to spark the public imagination and accelerate social change.

About the project: Participants in the summer workshop will collaboratively storyboard, script, costume, create props, shoot and edit an exciting episode in the life of the Bibliobandito in NYC alongside artists and mediamakers from REV-.

The workshop includes daily visits from various young mentors working in arts, media and technology who will share their insights with the goal of furthering participants’ own college-readiness and career trajectories. Example session topics include smart and savvy social media, crafting a cover letter and CV, effective communication (online & face-to-face), planning for the future, and working your networks.
For a better idea of what you will be working on, Click here to see the Bibliobandito in Honduras!

 Time Inc: 4 Apprenticeships, 15 days – Flexible Schedule

Click here to learn more and to fill out the Application

Time Inc., a division of Time Warner, is one of the largest branded media companies in the world. The company engages more than 138 million U.S. consumers in print, online and via mobile devices each month. With influential brands such as TIME, PEOPLE, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, INSTYLE, and REAL SIMPLE. You will be working side by side with IT Techs in the Desktop Support department of Time Inc – learning about how technology systems support the production of Time Inc’s many publications and keep information flowing throughout this massive corporation.

EDC Center for Children & Technology: 1 Apprenticeship, 8 days, July only

Click here to learn more and to fill out the Application

FOR CREATIVE MOUSE CORPS STUDENTS!! EDC (Education Development Center, Inc.), is a global nonprofit organization that designs, delivers, and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic development. For this apprenticeship, you will work side by side with professionals to update and edit Websites and video, work on programming and graphic design for a computational thinking project, and also support and give feedback on EDC’s video game projects!

ROKO Labs: 1 Apprenticeship, July 8th – August 16th (Full time!)

Click here to learn more and to fill out the Application

Being a tech startup, every day is an adventure but we have the benefit of having some amazing clients at our mobile strategy and development consultancy – our clients include a few Fortune 500 companies (NYSE, CNBC), some international companies (Macquarie, Tullet Prebon), and other startups (Snaps!, BoxSmart, BrightWire) and are signing up new clients each month. I just know that there is so much a MOUSE Corps Apprentice can add to our organization as we push to grow our organization, and hopefully we can help the next generation of entrepreneurs dream even bigger!

DoITT: 1 Apprenticeship, July 8th – August 16th (Full time!)

Click here to learn more and to Apply

You will be working in the Wireless Unit. The Wireless Technologies unit preserves and enhances NYC’s mission critical communications through access to reliable, resilient, and secure wireless voice and broadband data technologies. The team also provides leadership in the areas of development and implementation of long-range wireless communications strategies for the City, and supports regional inter-operable communications initiatives through partnerships with local, state and federal entities.

Cloudhead ART: 2 Apprenticeships, 14 days anytime between July 8th – August 16th – REMOTE

Click here to learn more and to Apply

Cloudhead ART is a community organization that helps local Argentinian nonprofit organizations with Art/Tech/Media projects!  Cloudhead likes to take existing technologies and use them in creative and often simple ways to solve problems. You’ll work on a number of projects, including researching and building a web-store to sell photos for an indigenous group in Argentina without electricity or running water.  You’ll work on a WordPress blog – doing web & graphic design and posting updates.  You’ll work on media projects with students in South America.

LivePerson: 2 Apprenticeships, July 8th – August 16th (Full time!)

Click here to learn more and to Apply

LivePerson is a multimillion dollar online marketing, web analytics, and expert advice company based in New York City with offices in London, Tel Aviv, San Francisco and Atlanta, and is best known for it’s chat platform that allows companies to talk with visitors in real time on their websites. At LivePerson, you will be assigned to the Community team. Each apprentice will have one core summer long project. For your project, you will create a piece of tangible content (a book, a presentation, or a video) covering the specific process that you went through and the associated wins/success which you will show-off at the end of the apprenticeship.

Storefront Science: 2 Apprenticeships, July 8th – August 16th (Full time!)

Click here to learn more and to Apply

Storefront Science is an education center that engages children through inquiry and exploration. This summer, they are looking for two creative, tech-savvy apprentices help run a six weeks of science and technology summer camp. Apprentices will work as co-teachers and mentors sharing ideas, helping students, leading activities in subjects like Tinkering and Lego Robotics, and taking photos and videos. Students may also help with managing the technology that it takes to run a small business!


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