Describe your prototype as it is right now…

Describe your prototype as it is right now. What updates have you made in the last 2 weeks?

  • Our project is called the Extend-Arm aka EAA. The EAA is a robotic arm that augments upper body movements such as extending, retracting and picking up things. The EAA is an attachment to crutches and can be used by anyone with limited mobility in their body.

What did you learn about your project after sharing it again with UCP teammates?

  • That our MOUSE projects impacts and contributes to different kind of communities. We selflessly create projects that help people that are not us to solve problems that we don’t personally have.

What changes do you want to make before Maker Faire in the Fall? What are your next steps?

  • Before Maker Faire, we want to attach the wire to the gripper, making the gripper detachable so that the user can change grippers based on the task they want to perform ex. shovel gripper, adding a batter pack, and making the EAA floor length (challenge).

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