Post emoticon time!

  • Describe the current stage of the prototype:

We have accomplished the foam board prototype stage. In this stage, our prototype is able to move the marker that is taped to the servo motor, around the canvas. Although not a paintbrush, we can now paint pictures of straight lines only using this prototype.

  • What did you learn after sharing with UCP?

We learned a lot from UCP. Hannah didn’t want to try out our prototype at emoticon. We feel that we should make the joystick more similar to the joystick on her wheelchair, and that we should make it more industrial looking, meaning, without wires hanging everywhere, so that she’ll feel more comfortable in trying it. Also, it confirmed our thinking to change the joystick to a wireless/bluetooth joystick so that Hannah will not be too close to the table that she is painting on. The most important thing that we learned that is we must keep prototyping in the view of Hannah so that our prototype is very comfortable to her.

  • Changes in the future:

In the future, we plan to first change the foam board to laser-cut pieces to stabilize the movement of the motor and the shafts when they are in motion. Also, we will need to code for the servo motor that will need to move the z-axis for tilting the paintbrush so that Hannah will be able to move the paintbrush to another spot of the canvas without dragging the paintbrush across the canvas. Another thing that we plan to do in the future is to be able to change to a bluetooth/wireless joystick that is as similar to the joystick on her wheelchair as possible so that she’ll feel more comfortable using it and without restrains on things like the distance that she must be from the table. We also have to find away to attach a paintbrush to the servo motor instead of taping a marker to the servo motor as we are doing right now for this stage.


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