ROKO Labs Experience

Unlike most of you, this is will be not be my last week at ROKO Labs since I started a bit later but I don’t mind at all. Being Amy’s (Co-Founder, President and COO of ROKO Labs) apprentice has really been a really amazing experience. I had my eyes set on the internship at ROKO Labs since the first time Meredith and Maggie told us about it. I have been at ROKO Labs for about three weeks now and I’m glad that this is the one I was selected for. This has been a huge learning opportunity for me because everything I’m working on at ROKO Labs is something I’ve never done or even heard of before. From Amy, I have being able to see from her perspective what it’s like to be a founder of a startup and all the work that has to be done to keep your business not only active but successful. Some of the amazing things I’ve done at ROKO Labs are creating landing pages, product testing, lots of research, creating spreadsheets, participating in meetings with clients, attended an event at the twitter office, eating cheese masala dosa etc. My favorite part of this entire experience is working with Amy who is not only an amazing mentor but a really great person all around. Looking forward to all the other awesome things I’ll get to do in the next two weeks!


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