My Time at Time inc My first day…

My Time at Time inc.
My first day to Time inc. was not successful because I came in wearing shorts, but I learned from that and fr the rest of the days i went dressed casual except Fridays because it’s jeans day. This was a very good opportunity for me and I was so happy when I got accepted. I got a good experience oh how it’s like working in a corporate place like the etiquette’s.
Time Inc. uses a lot of software for computers just to keep it safe and the amount of updates. The good thing is they have this sharing system on a server where they can go to and download what they need or any updates that needs to be done. I also learned some corporate terms like imaging where it is not just a picture but when you set up a computer so it can be used.
It was fun working with out mentors and they were so kind on the first day where they treated us to an expensive lunch. I gained a lot of knowledge from this internship and the free magazines =).


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