My Time at Verizon mixed with Mouse Corps

Learning from last year’s mistake of being a very quiet intern, this summer I was able to speak very confidently in most situations during my internship at verizon and was able to perform at an event I volunteered to host for Verizon very well. As one of the interns from Verizon to help prepare and host part of the event for the summer bridge visit of the Academy of Innovative Technology High School, I used my experience in designing workshops in mouse corps as a team, and was able to make the event very successful with the help of the other interns and some employees at Verizon. Being part of preparing events such as how to present our projects at Emoticon or to prepare for IDC, gave me a lot of confidence to prepare for this event and even took a small leader role within the high school intern volunteers.
Thanks to everyone at mouse corps, I get a break from work in the week on Tuesdays, and this truly helps me learn that relaxing is just as important as working. According to my supervisor and my boss, balancing my time between working, spending time with family and friends, as well as relaxing myself with things related to my interests or hobbies, is very important while working in the corporate world. Mouse Corps helps me to truly get a taste of how it can actually be balanced. This is why I enjoy Mouse Corps so much!


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