My Time (so far) at Storefront Science

So far, Storefront Science has been a great experience. On day one, it was easy to work with the staff and there wasn’t really any of the “first day awkwardness” that I know people can experience sometimes. Most of the children were easy to work with, and for the most part, a lot of them were very intelligent. Coming into this internship, I was most worried about the children, whether or not they would behave, and how should I manage them, etc. but I am pleased to report that nearly every kid there has been a joy to work with. It put such a smile to my face to see that so many young people were very interested in science. Of course, the camp has had its fair share of “trouble makers” as well, but it wasn’t unmanageable, and in fact, dealing with those kids have taught me some valuable lessons. My mentor, Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone (or Dr. A) has been very kind to me and the other interns, and has helped us a lot when we reached situations we didn’t know how to manage. All in all, it’s been amazing, and I never thought being a mentor could be this much fun. After seeing what I have from the next generation, I have hope that they can help us change the world.


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