Lil Bytes (Non-Required Reading) (Help me think of a better name! Win a prize!)

Welcome to the first in what will be a weekly series of technology and design themed stories and ideas, collected here to inspire your inner mad scientist/brilliant inventor/hacktivist. 

If you come across a story or video that you think your MOUSE Corps members, please post it here! 

  • Have you heard of Sugru? The incredible fix-it material that basically turns from play-dough into super durable rubber? And can fix/adapt almost anything? Well we got some into the Check out the amazing story of it’s invention! (and yes, we have some in the office)


  • Remember that time we made a bunch of Vines? General Electric just held a Six Second Science Faire, all on Vine! Check out this best-of compilation! 



  • Speaking of Assistive Tech + Dogs Here is a story about a recent invention for the blind and visually impaired that reminds me of some of 2012’s Legacy Projects.

“Intended for use by a person who uses a cane or guide dog in a street grid system, the Kapten PLUS provides helpful navigational tips in auditory form at regular intervals — even when the user is not walking a programmed route.”



  • And Last: Is this the future of 3D printing? 

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