Creative Design Combs!

Group members: 

  • Omar
  • Thomas
  • Eugene

What Object did you choose?

A comb

2-3 Iterations: (Photos preferred!)

comb modern old hairpin comb nit comb

Why do you think some one invented this product?

The inventor probably created a comb for various reasons, including hygiene, styling, etc.

  1. Who is the intended user of each object?

The first comb is normally used by the majority of people, simply for styling and maintaining hair.  The second was for holding hair up in a bun, in a specific style of the time period.  The third was used strictly to remove microscopic organisms, to ensure hair health.

  1. How and why are these iterations different?

Each was designed for each time period and situation. For each, the designers all had a specific issues they were trying to address.  They are all varied in their possible uses and abilities.

  1. Bonus: Can you think of any unintended uses for this product? (example: scissors for curling ribbon)

Possible pencil holder, possible instrument of measurement, and maybe a paintbrush!

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