The Sign Language Ring

Team Members: Zainab, Kaylah, Matthew and Erik

  • What device or tool did you choose? The Sign Language Ring
  • Add a photo! SLR
  • Who does it serve? People who are deaf. Helps them communicate with people who don’t understand sign language.
  • How does it work? A system (a set of rings) that can translate sign language into either voice or text. When the rings are worn on the fingers of a person gesturing sign language, the rings are able to pick up on the person’s motions and translate these into words.
  • What design opportunities does it address? How to make communication easier for people who are deaf.
  • Why is it awesome? Because it is a set of rings that can translate sigh language into speech!
  • How can you imagine this device evolving in the next 10 years? The rings will actually be developed and mass produced for the deaf community because as of now it is just a concept.

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