Aka Emotional Spectrum Manipulation Llama

  • TEAM NAME: Silent Sharktopus 

  • Team Members: Zainab, Peizhu, Avishek, Eugene, Abraham and Carlos 
  • What role will each team member fill?

    • interviewer (1-2): Zainab and Eugene 

    • note takers (2 at least): Peizhu and Avishek 

    • photos/sketches: Carlos 

    • video (flip cam operator): Abraham 

  • UCP Interview topic: Travel 

  • Our questions: 

         Have you ever taken a cab, subway, plane? How was that experience? 

         If you could go anywhere, where would you go? 

         How do you get around? 

          Do you like spending time outdoors? Why? 

          What do you usually do outdoors? 

           Tell us a story about your mode(s) of transportation? 

           How far away can you travel? 

           If your wheelchair could do anything, what would it do? 

           How far can you get without Access-a-Ride? 

           Are there places that are really hard to get to with Access-a-Ride? 

           What has the city done to make traveling easier for you? 

           How does travel change for you depending on the weather? 

           How was travel for you during Hurricane Sandy? (Emergency Management) 



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