Data Observations from Paul’s Interview

We observed many things from our interview with Paul. Below are the individual notes we collected organized into the following themes: Physical Observations, Hobbies (Free Time), Technology

Physical Observations and Characteristics:

  • Limited movement in wrist
  • dyslexic
  • bluetooth headset fell out
  • turning torso and rolling arm is difficult
  • Easier to converse with
  • Invented touchscreen stylus with back scratcher and sponge
  • involuntary spasms
  • left hand less mobile
  • very talkative and honest
  • can type on laptop with right hand- single finger style.
  • cannot extend arms

Free Time:

  • War Games
  • Gears of War 3
  • C.O.D.
  • Family helps building computers
  • Enjoys watching Cop shows
  • Into technology by taking apart old computers
  • 4 screens
  • Wants to Wire console controllers to an infrared sensor so he can use minimal movements while playing his game.
  • Inventor


  • Has a trackball mouse
  • uses rubber bands modified game controllers.
  • Spends time troubleshooting Motherboards
  • CPU Pin Bending

Social Life:

  • UCP Support love of tech
  • Joined UCP at 18
  • Family helps building computers
  • Wants to make iPad More accesible
  • Personal Driver for Weekends
  • Works with NYU Polytech
  • Doesn’t feel welcome in social gatherings.

Better Conversation Abilities


works with NYU Polytech

Bluetooth Headsets

One finger typing

less mobile on left hand

invented touchscreen stylus with a backscratcher and a sponge

Wants to make iPads and devices more accessible

Turning his arm and rolling his body, doesn’t do very well.

Can’t extend arm

doesn’t feel welcome in different social gatherings.

very talkative and honest.

Has personal driver for the weekends

involuntary Spasms

can’t extend arms completely

listen to music in order to relax

no movement below the wrist.

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