Notes from UCP



. Lateness 

. AaR overbooks and cancels passengers reservations 

. AaR doesn’t work in extreme weather conditions 

. Bus brakes do not work in snow 


. Wheelchair does not function in sand, snow, gravel and grass

.Weight of wheelchair 

. Lack of maneuvering room 

.Relying on third party to push chairs 

Public Transportation– 

. Gaps on subways 

. Wheelchair accesible station aren’t really accessible 

. Steep ramp on buses 


. Delicate machinery that get damaged in rain/snow

.AaR doesn’t work in extreme weather conditions

.Aar brakes does not work in snow

.Wheelchair controls easily gets damaged in rain/snow


.Only a few accessible cabs which makes relying on cabs impossible

.Narrow doorways

.Make AaR reservation 2 days before which does not allow for spontaneous travel

.MTA provides key for bus ramps

.Would like a GPS system with audio and visuals 


.Steep bus ramps 

.Train gaps

.Lack of curb ramps on sidewalk

. Weight of wheelchair 

. Lack of room to maneuver wheelchair

.Medicare and medicaid policies such as not being considered disabled even if you can only walk two steps



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