First Move! The Design Begins with Control (ShafeshiftingDragons)


We generated a multitude of ideas in order to answer our question: how might we  allow people with cerebral palsy control their gaming inputs? Ultimately we analyzed and created an idea which uses three input values: voice, gesture and touch. we would use a combination of a microphone, infrared camera, and a redesigned controller and cram them all into one device. Motions and voices, recorded, will be then tied to certain commands. This customizable nature will allow a variety of individuals to utilize after the initial setup.


One thought on “First Move! The Design Begins with Control (ShafeshiftingDragons)

  1. A few feedback notes from out beloved peers.
    Consider sound interference from the game caused by voice commands.
    Dealing with PC users?
    Add more capabilities to be built into the native device.
    Calibrate the controller voice commands.
    Advice: look into remapping controller voice commands program, by Hiram.

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