Group name: ShapeShiftingDragon

Describe your new idea and how it incorporates the design retreat feedback and assistive tech research:

we came up a few ideas including a combination of hacks to create a “hands-free” controller, Using the sip-n-puff method or bite-buttons. We want something that can input reliable commands.

Update/Change 1: Removal of Voice Command due to possible sound interference and deterioration of the gaming experience.

Update/Change 2: Not using Wii Controller or Joystick. Instead we are using the Kinect.

Update/Change 3: “integrate control mapping”… “Just Hack it”.

Interview Questions for UCP: create a list of follow-up interview questions that will help you get the feedback you need to improve on your idea.

1. Record the extent of Paul’s arm movement

2. Why is Paul so intent on the IR Camera?


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