Group name: #WPUM

Describe your new idea and how it incorporates the design retreat feedback and assistive tech research:

Update/Change 1: Arm should hold different size accessible brushes.

Update/Change 2: Container has cleaning mechanism.

Update/Change 3: Funnel for Brush catcher

Make faster. Most time: 30 seconds.

Interview Questions for UCP: create a list of follow-up interview questions that will help you get the feedback you need to improve on your idea.

1. How far could you reach out?

2. How difficult would it be for you to drop the brush in a cup?

3. What paint is used ofter?

4. Where would the best place to place the Palette be?

5. What colours should be on the palette?

6. What controls do you feel most comfortable with?

7. How large should it be?


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