2nd Interview Notes

– There are beach wheelchairs that are specific to go on sand.

– Wheelchairs don’t usually have an anti-tip device. [If the wheelchair starts tipping back, it catches the chair so it won’t tip over]


– Idea: a lever that you can use to lift the front wheelchair to get on curb then the other wheels can just follow. A weighted switch will adjust how much weight is needed so the wheelchair doesn’t fall back.

– Wheelchair that can go on one stair (maybe even a curb)

– One of Vernita’s biggest problem with the chair is when it breaks down.

– Note: Control covers should be considered as a part of the innovation

– Vernita is comfortable with a chair that has legs or even a robot that sits in an controls as long as it gets her to her destination (BigDog)

– Vernita’s is willing to spend $5-$10 on such an innovation that helps her with her issues

Vernita’s Questions:

– What is the wheelchair made out of?

– Would the ramp be able to fold?

– What will be the longevity of the BigDog wheel material?

– Willing to decrease wheelchair load to make space for the ramp. However, she still want the ramp to be as compact as possible.

– Peter mentions to always keep the safety of the passenger in mind. It is safer to go down backwards when the ramp or curb cut is steep.

– Keep in mind that the rules are for fixed building. Vernita makes the safety choices when she’s commuting by herself. However, when someone from the agency is helping her then it becomes the agencies responsibilities.

– Vernita hopes the material is hopefully lightweight

– It is impossible to hold an umbrella while you’re driving your wheelchair

– Vernita deals with curb cuts more than terrains. However, she still has to avoid difficult terrains like rocks.

– Vernita doesn’t want a product that’s time consuming

Abraham’s Measurement

Brand: Tracer sx

Back Wheel – 24 inches

Front Wheel – 8 inches

Distance between wheels – 2 inches [towards] 6 inches [away]

Distance between armchair and wheel – 3/4 inch

Note: The bar on the wheelchair is for pushing

Length of footrest – 17 inches

Floor to back handrest – 34 inches

Back wheel are separated – 25 inches

Handlebars – 24.5 inches


Paul’s Motorized WC Measurement

– 13 inches: Big wheel

– 3 inches: Small wheel

– 30 inches: Length from big-small wheel

– 38 inches: width of rear

c350 WC measurements


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