Play test with Paul from UCP

1. Record the extent of Paul’s Arm Movement.

-About a 90 degree movement, foward and upward.

-Not capable of crossing arms

2. Why is Paul so intent on using the IR Camera?

-Because, that was the only idea he had at the time


-Paul watched videos on youtube that showed people attaching an IR camera to a controller, in order to record the actions

-Able to hack an IR camera in order to access the input and output to control the movements and record them for Paul to use

-Intent on using a joystick for easy movement and control (Similar joystick to the one on his wheel chair) 

-Buttons all over the top, so he can have easier access to them 

-Hack into a Wii controller

-Energy source provided by his wheel chair 

-Buttons all over the screen, which can be accessed through the joystick 

-Ipad on a swivel mount 

-Use an infrared dial to send signals to the television (Back and forth) 

-With the swivel mount, if he turns his wheel chair, the movements will be recorded and the same action is done in the game (Turn wheelchair, character in game turns) 

-Should we use the Ipad with the accelerometer or the xbox 360 kinect?

Changes from prototype idea: 

-Not just focused on the XBox 360 Kinect, we can use other devices, IPad with an accelerometer or touch input 

-With the movements on the IPad (Forward, backward and etc…) the app on the IPad would record the movements and then send that signal to the PC which would interpret it into a specific action 

-Specific games will configure to the movements with the IPad (Fighting game, you sweep it to the right and it does a specific action) 





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