A New Idea

March 18, 2014: Shape-shifting Dragons Notes


Straying away from the iPad because it is too limited. We are going towards: Suck, puff, sip and bite. (There is a potential problem: there 13, we are talking about taking care of 4 out of 13 of these buttons)


All of these sensors have different interfaces, different hardware endpoints.


Plug and play is what were are aiming for.

Work with one console and then using the technology we have to expand to others.


What console?



What is this project going to incorporate:

USB 2.0

We need to know the signals (e.g. when Pauls presses the X Button what data sent out to the console?)


Playstation eye, best camera for this project: creation of the EYE-WRITER.

(How about blinking motions)

accelerometer: Paul enjoys playing games with this feature.

Pressure sensors! (on arm rest, elbow*) is going to be the brake.

Putting pressure sensors on the steering wheel for the game.

*Paul has used an EYE-WRITER before at Polytech*


*Paul has experience with these sensors, sip, puff, and bite: he saying it is very difficult for him to work with these functions, does not want anything in his mouth.)*


Next Week ToysRus


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