Slient Sharktopus 2nd prototype updates

– “scissor jack” (diamond shaped) or modified version of the scissor jack (“motorcycle scissor lift”) (~chair)

– problem with scissor jack -> rod in the middle

– XX-model -> modifies motorcycle scissor lift, 1 X

– motor to control the adjusting height of the jack

– prototype: jack “bars”: 12 in x 1.5 in

platform: 13 in x 6 in

– prototype: drill holes(drill bit) into the “bars”, use zip ties as substitute for screws, sugru for “stopper”/”screw” of rod
– zip ties lock the movement of the “bars” to approximately fold completely horizontally      – example:  extend-a-arm prototype, -> pins to substitute screws

– 3D print screw as prototype

– control/button for direction (up/down), start/stop extending the lift

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