NO MORE ARM!!! Funnel will stay in place, while omni-palate moves in accordance to the colour chosen.

NO MORE CONVEYER BELT! Paintbrush will be held in place by a string twisted by a motor

Motor underneath platter, or motor on the side, (direct drive vs belt drive?)

Possible Supplies:
-Multiple types of funnels for trial and error
-small rope or chord
-5 motors (1 for turning of platte, one for squeezing the brush, 1 for lowering the funnel, and 2 more for good measure)
– Arduino & Motor Shield
-7 Momentary Switches (For choosing colours)
-State Switch (For turning Off/On)
-LED’s (Fore Indicators)
-Velcro Strips (To secure onto the wheel)
-Power Adapter or Batteries
-Test Acrylic paint
-cups/containers for paint
-gears for motor control

v2 notes (For Later): voice control
wireless controls, Adaptive brushes Auto colour dispenser, look out for cases and enclosures.


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