Beginning the Prototype (And a Lesson By Roy)

Force Sensitive Resistor

First is a little lesson from Roy.

For those who don’t know, Force Sensors (Pressure Sensors measure air) are essentially resistors.

Arduino are computers without an interface. When working with an arduino you are essentially programming a tiny computer… with another computer.

Wysiwyg- (What you see is what you get) is a dumb down version of a text editor. Its not designed to give any styling; its only used to type. In Arduino’s IDE, the WYSIWYG is used.

Using the Arduino.

When the lights on the Arduino turn on briefly, that indicates that the Arduino works.

TX and RX (transmit and receive) are among the lights that blink.

To turn on the LED, we only need the digital sector of the Arduino because we only need to know “HIGH” or “LOW” (on/off)

Comments begin with /* and ends in*/ and “;” are the programmer’s equivalent of the English period “.”

Lesson Over.

After reaching the conclusion that buying a steering wheel set would be too costly, the team looked to making a steering wheel instead.

Here Matthew Pressman gathers a few pages relating to the build.

New Materials needed:

  •  Shredded Paper,
  • packing peanuts,
  • cotton balls,
  • bubble-wrap,
  • Balloons with cotton balls.

Plan of action:

1)Build the Steering Wheel and  start programming the Arduino.

Using Leonardo Arduino



Click here to watch the pitch for this project.







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