Prototyping 2

Order the VERY Cheap Wheel.

-Things that are to Be done.

-Gather Future materials:

-Wood, Steering Wheel, and Cardboard

-Add 5 box cutters (From Home Depot)

-Any sort of thick tape

Duties for People:

– All group members will be on a mission to look for any wood that is not being used and to bring it over

Details on what’s been discussed today:
– Using cardboard to be the base for the steering wheel, using multiple pieces of cardboard and sticking them together with hot glue/glue
– With the arduino and the FSR, we would be using the analog situation because we would be using a potentiometer

Below is a prototype of the circuit. Note that Red is connected to 5V and Blue to Ground and white to analog 0.


And connected to the Breadboard in the following way.


Putting “pressure” on the FSR would light the LED on.


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