Silent Sharktopus 4-15-14

We had an extremely productive prototyping session this week: 

– We figured out which size we want our prototype to be 12×12 

– We had to rethink our idea of using carbon fiber for the top and bottom because of the price. We have instead decided to use plexi glass because it is more cost effect and just as functional. 

– However, we still plan to get a swatch of carbon fiber to demo as the material for a final product. 

– We are going to 3D the wheels and we are going to purchase treads. 

– We are hopefully going to finish designing a prototype of the wheels by the end of the week so we can decide if we really need treads. 

– We are also looking at using interlocking screws to connect the middle. 

– We also worked further on our 3D prints

For next week: 

– We need to start think about the motors we are going to use. 







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