A Short Stumble but We are Back Again.

Today Roy pointed out a few issues that will cause us… issues. Primarily an FSR CANNOT be “crumpled” which means we needed a U-shape mold that will keep the shape intact. Soon Paul revealed that the arm-breaks would not work since his arms do not naturally rest when the other hand is in use. While in the process of finding a solution we realized that the grip on the wheel was too small. Friction, too is lost precisely because of the fact that we are using a screw. All in all today revealed a multitude of issues that could potienitally set us back seriously if we do not come up with solutions.

So we prioritized. The group is confident that the code itself won’t pose as large as an issue the physical design would. Of the physical aspects, friction is the least important. For purpose of time constraints we are giving up the friction aspect.
Problems and How we are going to solve them:

1) The U-Shape: We could either use Sugru to mold out the shape or 3-d Print it.
2) The Grip on the Wheel: We could either wrap mounds of electric tape to create something much thicker.

3) The Breaks are something we spent time on. Some solutions are the back-head switch.

In consideration for the actual steering we though of using sticky keys that will serve as both the gas and break buttons.

Additionally since making a full steering turn would be difficult we are going to make small turns to the left/right the equivalent to a full left/right turn. (Done in Code)

Paul would also like us to consider toggle switchs- located on the center of the steering wheel.


Next week we MUST build the frame for the wheel itself. There will be a total of four wood pieces with the following dimensions:

1) 2x Large Pieces of rectangle measured 12″ by 8″ by 1″

2) One of the above pieces will have  one edge cut on a 20 degree angle.

3) The 2 vertical struts bracing is measured 12″ by 1″ by 1″

Refer to the book for diagram.



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