MOUSE Corps Summer Apprenticeship Applications


As we get confirmations on Apprenticeship opportunities, we will post applications & descriptions here. You can apply to all of them, or one or none! Applications are due by Friday May 23rd.

EDC Center for Children & Technology: 1 Apprenticeship, 8 days, July 7-18

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EDC (Education Development Center, Inc.), is a global nonprofit organization that designs, delivers, and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic development. For this apprenticeship, you will work side by side with professionals to work with the Ready to Learn (RTL) project that is currently developing a study to be conducted in the homes of preschool children around technology, media and math learning. The apprentice will help with the preparation, setup and dissemination of the technology for that study. In addition there is likely to be some video work associated with the study. The apprentice may also work with our Scratch-Ed project learning how to look at, code, and assess design-based computational projects.


ROKO Labs: 1 Apprenticeship, July 7th – August 15th (Full time!)

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Being a tech startup, every day is an adventure but we have the benefit of having some amazing clients at our mobile strategy and development consultancy – our clients include a few Fortune 500 companies (NYSE, CNBC), some international companies (Macquarie, Tullet Prebon), and other startups (Snaps!, BoxSmart, BrightWire) and are signing up new clients each month. I just know that there is so much a MOUSE Corps Apprentice can add to our organization as we push to grow our organization, and hopefully we can help the next generation of entrepreneurs dream even bigger!

DoITT: 1 Apprenticeship, July 7th – August 15th (Full time!)

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DoITT is a Technology Agency with the City of New York. We take pride in our work and belief that our agency is in the business of helping New Yorkers everyday. It is a delight that we are able to offer an internship to students who are our future. Internship programs are a learning experience for both the Mentee and Mentor.


Storefront Science: 3 Apprenticeships, July 15th – August 30th (Part/Full time!)

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Storefront Science is an education center that engages children through inquiry and exploration. This summer, they are looking for two creative, tech-savvy apprentices help run a six weeks of science and technology summer camp. Apprentices will work as co-teachers and mentors sharing ideas, helping students, leading activities in subjects like Tinkering and Lego Robotics, and taking photos and videos. Students may also help with managing the technology that it takes to run a small business!

GadgITERATION: 6 Apprenticeships, July 7th – July 25th

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As a gadgITERATION Apprentice you’ll work with a Parsons Design+ Technology Team in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. At BCAL (Brooklyn College Arts Lab) you’ll be a cheerleader for creative technology as you help to facilitate 3-day camps for both middle and high school youth. At the same time you’ll create your own gorgeous and/or crazy electronic projects, working with the Parsons team in the Design + Tech Open Lab on E.16th St and Union Square. This summer’s apprentices will be the first to work with The NoiseMaker 3.0, with its extended feature set, fully compatible with arduino through a USB port. At successful completion of the program you will get your very own NoiseMaker to take home, so you can continue to work on mad-artist-inventor-gadget schemes. Lunch, Snacks, Metro-Cards provided, along with $1000. scholarships.Expand your mind and skill set. Join us.

AppNexus (1/2) Programming: 1 Apprenticeships, July 7th – August 15 (2x week)

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The apprentice will work on operational projects for our Technology organization. One specific project I have in mind, which is more technical in nature, is to help build out dashboards that our engineering teams can use as an input to how their systems are performing. The apprentice will be exposed to the many engineering teams that exist at AppNexus, and leave the summer with an understanding of the different types of teams we have at AppNexus and how they contribute to our Technology stack as a whole.

AppNexus (2/2) Tech Support: 1 Apprenticeship, July 7th – August 15th (full time/flexible)

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The MOUSE Corp Apprentice would collaborate with the existing 3-person Service Desk Team that supports the AppNexus User-base globally. To that end, they would learn about our process for on-boarding and off-boarding users and the account creation process, the standard technology stack for AppNexus Employees and supporting that stack for our user base.

Sullivan & Cromwell Tech Support: 1 Apprenticeship, July 9th – August 15th (full time/Mondays, Wed, Thurs, Fridays from 9am-5pm)

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The Apprentice will accompany and assist PC Support Analysts on installing laptops, printers, blackberries and troubleshooting problems for an international, 130 year old law firm. They will also work on projects with our Technical Training department.


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