Template: Final Design Document

PROJECT NAME: [Add your project’s title here]


[Add everyone’s first name here]


[Draw & embed a blueprint of your final prototype, show it from multiple angles, and clearly label all of the parts (the parts list below is a numbered list – you could use those numbers in your blueprint)]


  1. Be specific, include links. Here’s an example:
  2. 1 Timing Belt GT2 Profile – 2mm pitch – 6mm wide 1164mm long
  3. Include all the materials in your final prototype (do not include any materials from your earlier prototype


  1. STEP 1: [Describe step by step how someone could use the parts above to build your design as it is.]
  2. STEP 2: [This is not a document of your design process, you do not need to describe anything but how to build your most recent prototype.]
  3. STEP 3: [etc!]


[You will create a prototype video demo and embed it here, not today though!]


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