Shapeshifting dragons Updated



DESIGN TEAM: Shapeshifting Dragons

Matthew, Winston,Kelvin, Navisha, Kaylah, and Jose



Draw & embed a blueprint of your final prototype, show it from multiple angles, and clearly label all of the parts (the parts list below is a numbered list – you could use those numbers in your blueprint




  1. In addition to the materials in the list above, be sure to get 3x 1/2 sized nuts, 2x 1/2 lock washers with internal teeth, one rod (the size is based on your preferences, we got a 1/2 x 4 inch rod), a breadboard.
  2. Include all the materials in your final prototype (do not include any materials from your earlier prototype)


  1. STEP 1: Get Materials
  2. STEP 2: Cut the ball to fit in the steering wheel (cut in a “U” shape 2 inches deep and 1 inches wide).
  3. STEP 3:  Add sugru on the Steering wheel ( the sugru must be flat on the top of the wheel so that the four sensor Resistor can sit on top of it flat, But carved on the sides to hold on to the it).
  4.  STEP 4: place sugru on the wheel in triangle placement around the wheel.
  5. STEP 5: Attach the wood together by drilling and screwing it down, so that the wood is securely together.
  6. STEP 6: Attach the wooden columns to the sides of the mount by drilling them in, but be sure to measure the precise spots so no mistakes are made.
  7. STEP 7: Drill a hole in the center of the diagonal piece of wood (The same size of the diameter of the rod that you purchase)
  8. STEP 8: Put in the rod through the hole with the wheel attached and make sure it has a tight fit by applying the lock washers and nuts, as well as applying the pulley to the end of the rod
  9. STEP 9: Make a holding placement for the potentiometer
  10. STEP 10: Find and apply the coding to the arduino, to make the wheel recognize the potentiometer when turning left, right and stop
  11. STEP 11: Now connect the pulley on the rod to the potentiometer by using a rubber band
  12. STEP 12: From there, you can start testing the wheel by turning the wheel from right to left and observing the readings on the potentiometer


static inline void accelerate()
   Keyboard.write( KEY_UP_ARROW );

static inline void decelerate()
   Keyboard.write( KEY_DOWN_ARROW );

static inline void read_steering_wheel()
   static short steering_wheel_position = 0;

   steering_wheel_position = analogRead( STEERING_WHEEL );

   if( steering_wheel_position < LEFT ) {
      Keyboard.write( KEY_LEFT_ARROW );
      Serial.print( "<-- " );

   if( steering_wheel_position > RIGHT ){
      Keyboard.write( KEY_RIGHT_ARROW );
      Serial.print( "--> " );

   Serial.println( steering_wheel_position );




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