Pre-Apprenticeship Blog Post by Kelvin


Before Mouse Corps: Was just an average kid skating by school and not really getting involved or doing anything worthwhile. Usually hung out with friends after school and played video games, not really doing anything of importance for my future career, although I really wasn’t set on what I wanted to do.

With Mouse Corps: With this amazing group of students and coordinators I was able to gain so much more knowledge in engineering and be opened up to many new exciting opportunities: A-Team, GadgeITERATION, Mozilla Workshops and Emoti-Con! I even have a set idea on what I might want to major in the future: Video game programmer, Computer Engineer, Software Engineer, Public Speaking or Computer Sciences.

Post-Apprenticeship: With GadgeITERATION, I hope to enhance skills in engineering by working on and creating awesome things from scrap parts, as well as meet many new people and make many new connections.




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