Apprentiship Post 3?

So umm lately work has been really hectic. My co-worker Sabrina is on vacation in Italy, my co-worker Craig is in vacation in D.R and Tim is supervising a branch in Florida. As a result we are extremely short staffed right now. Everyone is on edge and beyond stressed out right now. To top it off, they just opened up a new branch which goes live today TT^TT. Due to this extremely endearing occurrence that was PERFECTLY timed, I have a ton of paperwork I need to put into the system for this branch. *Sigh* today’s going to be an extremely long day……

PS: List of things I have Learned~

– What an Affidavit of Domicile is

– Opening another branch takes a lot of patience and effort

– Questionnaires ( Entity and Individual) are primarily used for DVP accounts

– CIPs or Certification of Investment Powers are used for corps, LLCs, and I think trusts, but not used for individual, or ira accts.

That’s it for now….I think…..



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