Closing Chapter: WNET: An End and a Beginning

I never wrote the beginning of this experience and frankly it is impractical to do so now. In all honesty I should have documented the first day and each week accordingly but one thing I have learned is that life never gives you any breaks, especially when you don’t take care to accommodate breaks. The result is as you see: an impeccable end without the nervous introduction that started it all. Nevertheless it will criminal to not document this particular ending.

I was nervous- simply put. Yes I had been in and out of internships and externships throughout my high school career. But my only other experience in a corporate setting was almost two years ago at Citigroup. There were many questions that circulated my mind but one thing was clear: I did not want this to be like Citigroup, where I conversed little and walked about as if I didn’t belong. I knew what was needed for me to make sure I became involved this time, but knowing what is needed is different from knowing how it is done. For that I must thank the entire staff of WNET because each individual made me feel welcomed and were eager to pass on knowledge of their technical skills and experiences, although you could tell by their tone of voice they were far more happy to pass on their knowledge of “Life”.

The ultimate result was an experience that not only exposed me to the world of post production, but opened my eyes to the value of, as my mentor Jermaine Pinnock stresses, keeping everybody happy “because happy people work harder”. And it’s true: the post production/media services/encoding team is akin to a family. Having been there for three weeks I have seen the inevitable disagreements, awkward atmospheres, and rising tensions that are dissipated and absolved almost miraculously.  The truth, however, I believe is the bond between these teammates and their willingness to confront, communicate, and understand each other. True, I learned how to capture video, some basics of Final Cut Pro, how to write up work orders,  the process of archiving and restoring, and the function of the department as a whole, but more than that the values that I obtained from this experience are by far the most important lesson I have learned.

Today, my last day, truly brought sweat to my eyes (because men don’t cry, we sweat from our eyes- joking but I did cry inside). The day before, Jermaine had promised to take me to lunch- “tomorrow, I’ll treat you to lunch at 1, maybe pizza” and of course I got excited: first of all its free food! (free for me) but at the same time, I was glad to have lunch with my mentor. At 1 I looked for Jermaine and found him standing at the exit. Instead of waiting for me, he walked towards me and into the conference room that I saw Liz packed with pizza and cake an hour ago (She shooed me away but I thought it was for some meeting). Thats when it clicked. How could I forget that these people love these types of surprises?! Waiting inside was the crew with a small tote bag Jermaine “liberated” from the 14th Floor and inside was an envelope with what I guessed was a farewell card. (I remembered being a part of this for Myra’s Birthday during my first week). Lo and behold! Kind words and sentences in the form of a gift card: a sweet gesture that practically cracked the hardened soul BUT! this group is full of surprises because an extra $50 amazon gift card for books?! Thats too thoughtful! Yup, I loved my time here. Yup, These guys are great. Yup, I’ll miss these youthful adults.



And with this, I have also fulfilled MOUSE’s work selfie requirement.



2 thoughts on “Closing Chapter: WNET: An End and a Beginning

    • I agree with Amanda! Beautifully written, A++++! So glad you had such a wonderful experience at WNET!

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