Gadgiteration experience

My name is Eugene Dorokin and I’ve spent the past few weeks teaching and administrating activities pertaining to technology, circuitry, design, and engineering.  My internship at gadgiteration was certainly a new experience as i’d never had first hand experience at relaying knowledge to a group of people. We started off by getting to know each other by doing the challenges that we would be administrating the following weeks. This was all led by Louisa Campbell, Rachel, Rita, Grace, and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone.

First starting I wasn’t certain what to exactly expect; I didn’t know how we’d begin. We were given a booklet to record anything that we would do during the internship and I found the book to be very useful (I still use it but now more for reminders and lists). We first got into small groups to begin construction on anything which we thought might a product in the future, with inspiration based on whatever we could find in a magazine. Me and my partner Flore (sorry if I misspelled your name!) set out to construct a ball which would move itself through a mechanism on the inside which would extend causing the sphere to shift its weight to the extended side then retract while the energy had already transferred into momentum spinning the ball in that direction. While we weren’t able to realistically construct a working model, we made schematics and a rough prototype which depicted how it could work. We went through many different activities to get a good grasp on what we would be teaching.

Our second week was at the Brooklyn College Art Lab (BCAL), and this was where we began the administrating part of the internship. We were now taking the roles that Louisa and Rachel essentially had last week, and they were there to just generally instruct us on what to do. I spent most of the first week with different groups of middle school students guiding them in how to build whatever they wanted. Two particular creations I was particularly proud of were a fully functioning shield, and a bow and arrow that could fire small arrow-like projectiles far. The noise makers were fun to integrate into the creations (a device which would create a sound when its circuit was completed), and that often went well with all of the creations. The end of the week took place at the office where we all discussed and planned out the next week.

Our final week took place a bit differently since we now knew what did and did not work for ourselves. This time each day was led by the group who planned out the days activities. I spent most of this week helping generally everyone as there were less people and therefore not a need for everyone to be engaged with a group. I also was for the most part in charge of playing music while everyone was in the middle of group work. What I learned from this experience is that the best way to teach something is to get your audience interested in the topic at hand. I also made a large effort to always remain calm no matter what happened to keep the ambiance cool.

Thanks everyone on the Gadgiteration team!

team 0725


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