My name is Kaylah Mack and I was working the program Gadgiteration which was ran by Louisa Campbell. When I first started the program i was a little wary. This was because I was working with a few people I didn’t know also I was a little worried that i would have to be a super smart genius to be in the program. At the end of the program I was thinking to myself i’m going to miss these guys, I also felt a little accomplished because I learned something new.

       During Gadgiteration we made many projects. We used a device called the noisemaker to make a circuit. We also made this things called moodboards which is an inspiration on to what your circuit was going to look like or pretty much any idea you had color, size, etc. We also did like these creative challenges where you got this scenario are some supply and we built what we wanted. We also made stuff animal circuits.So many project I actually can’t remember them all, but they were really fun.

      While at Gadgiteration I learn about team work, Such as how communication is what makes a team work best together and things of that sort. I also learned why it is good to project your voice when talking to others. I really awesome mentors, which were Rachel, Grace, and Martia.( sorry if i left anyone out). I learned from rachel how projecting and talking charge when it is need is not a bad thing. I learned from grace how work is can sometimes be a pain but have fun. I learned from Martia if you think something is hard don’t give just try to approach it from different angles.Some of them may not have told me this directly but watching them over the course of three weeks that is what I learned from them, Everyone at Gadgiteration was so awesome thank you for the experience guys


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