Post-Apprenticeship Blog

My name is Avishek Paul and I have quite recently finished my apprenticeship and AppNexus. It has certainly been an interesting experience working there and is definitely a unique experience that I can’t really compare to anything else. It was quite strange to work at a large company that still manages to feel like a tight-knit community. Strange but enjoyable.

At the beginning I was definitely nervous. Very nervous in fact. When you first enter the building you get greeted by a doorman, and then have to sign in/use your ID to even get into the place. It had a very formal feel to it at first. But once you actually look around you realize that the vibe is actually quite informal. Despite the fact that people are working with very sensitive information and a lot of money is involved – everyone seems relaxed and casual. It was somewhat difficult getting into it at first. But with time I think I managed to find a flow and fit in better. One point that needs to be made is the sheer size of the place. The company owns two floors of a building, and it is enormous. I have literally gotten lost several times at the beginning. But towards the end, lets just say I didn’t get lost as much.After spending a fair portion of my day at the place for several weeks I have learned quite a bit. I’ve gained experience working with several of the online databases that they use in professional environments and have learned how to conduct myself professionally in a business setting.

One of the major projects that I was involved in was the setting up of accounts, phones, and computers of the new batch of new-hires that started at the company not long after I started my apprenticeship. This involved setting up phones, gathering monitors, imaging Macs and dealing with whatever problems came up. Another one of my major projects was gathering and compiling all of the RT system’s raw support ticket data and converting it into more elegant graphs and charts.

I had several mentors during this Apprenticeship, Cheech, the mentor that was assigned to me, and then there was also Matt and Tyler. Cheech was the person that I went to for general advice, such as my role in CorpIT and what was expected of me. Matt was the person I went to for more technical advice regarding the problems that came up while I was helping others with their problems. Tyler was the person that gave me work essentially, he assigned me tasks and I completed them under his watchful eye and helpful guidance.

All-in-all this was a fun experience and would definitely recommend it to someone else if I was asked.


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