Post Apprenticeship Blogpost

          My name is Abraham Makhdoomi and my apprenticeship was GadgITERATION. From the beginning of the internship I felt like I didn’t know what I was getting into. As if everything I had done during the training days were just to get us ready for something else. And once we finally got to the actual work it was more work than you’d expert.

          We began by doing exercises so the kids can get we acquainted with the people they would be working with in the “camp”. Then we did challenges to see what sort of creative and innovative things they could make with the select tools we provided. Of Course, that led to use teaching them new tricks and providing new tools like the Noise Makers to make more innovative projects. These projects were like the challenges but tested the way each group though of the topics and resulted in many “teste cases”. though they were resolved with some conflict resolution.

          By the end of the apprenticeship I felt that I had learned also about myself and what kind of tech person I want to be. I want to explore the possibilities and create innovative things that will revolutionise the way we think about technology. Thanks to my mentors, Louisa Campbell and Rachel Brown, I can make something innovative out of the things that surround me.



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