EDC Apprenticeship

My name is Sarah and I recently interned for EDC, the Education Development Center. My mentor’s name was Francisco Cervantes. It was such a pleasure to work with Francisco. He really did make me feel welcomed into the work place and made me feel involved with the projects. I had no idea what to expect going into this internship or what it was going to be like. After all, this was my first internship opportunity as a rising sophomore in high school. However, I was ready to take on any challenge that would be given to me. I learned how to code games — not the html coding, but playing and categorizing games. I also searched for games that included basic science concepts such as photosynthesis, electricity and heat energy. I searched and played these games and then coded a few. I also learned how to use excel spreadsheets, a skill I had not acquired yet.

By the end of the two weeks I worked at EDC, I was feeling very confident in all that I learned, whether it was the professional side of things in a work place or whether it was just sitting at my desk working on spreadsheets and coding games. My mentor, Francisco, was definitely an awesome mentor and I also learned that he was creating an app and trying to get it in the markets. It was nice to get to know Francisco and learn from him. Overall, working at EDC was such an incredible experience and I learned so much in the two weeks I was there.


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