My Time at Storefront Science

Growing up, I was part of a lot of summer camps as a kid.  I would always find it boring to simply sit around the summer time, hoping that something interesting would happen.  Sure, I had video games, but even that could not cure my restlessness after a while.  Thus, summer camps seemed perfect, not only did they provide me with many experiences, but with many new friends as well. As a result, the time at those camps helped shape who I am, and I look back upon those days with great nostalgia.

I was also a rather avid lover of science, as it provided me with not only the answers I required for my rather frenzied curiosity, but also a means to seek them out myself.  As a result, I always sought out to learn more about the mystifying subject, and even continue to do so now.  Thus, it can be fair to say that this aspect of me also had a significant impact on the person who is typing up this blog at this moment.

Therefore, last summer when I saw that one of the Apprenticeship opportunities involved working at a summer camp featuring scientific lessons and activities, it was hardly an opportunity I could turn a blind eye on.  Thus, I signed up, and started worked there with full gusto.  I was not disappointed, far from that, I was immensely satisfied with my time there.  Not only where the staff kind and inviting, but so was the material.  Granted, it was elementary, but it was still science, and thus, I was excited to teach it.  I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with other children as invested in the subject as I was, and thus, I had a great time.  Of course, no camp was complete without its problematic elements, but even so, the other staff showed me how to deal with them, and with time, I was able to maintain them as well.  Not only did I have fun, but I felt that I grew as a person.

Obviously, when the opportunity showed up for the second year in a row, I just had to apply again.  Thankfully, I was invited back with open arms, and I was ready to start again.  We had some new staff additions this year, which in combination to the new location, gave the camp a fresh, and yet, intimating feeling.  However, this was quickly overcome by the friendliness and overall familiarity I had with Storefront Science.  Some of the things we taught I was not present for last year, but with the support I got, I was able to spread the material with ease to the children.  On that notes, the roster of the children had shifted as well, but that was hardly an issue, as there were some returns, and everyone was still just as eager to learn. Throughout this summer’s experience, I was able to hone the skills I had learned the year before, and of course, have fun while doing it.  Overall, I am grateful that I was able to work at this camp let again this year, and I hope to next summer as well.  I know these are memories I will be fond in both the near and far future.


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