Storefront Science Apprenticeship

My name is Sarah and Storefront Science was the second internship I had this summer. My apprenticeship host was Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone. The foundation that Leonisa built is truly amazing. Storefront Science is a six week summer camp for children ages 4 through 12. I have worked at StoSci all six weeks. Just like my previous internship at EDC, I had no idea what to expect as I had never formally worked with children before. I have taken care of children, but never in large groups and I have never taught science to such a broad age group before. That was another new challenge I tackled, teaching.

Everyday was a new challenge, not only with science, but dealing with children. It got really difficult and frustrating at times when kids were demanding or simply acting like children. However, more often than not, it was very rewarding. It was rewarding when I was able to clear up a concept for a child or helping them out on a project. The most rewarding part of all this was the hugs, smiles, laughter and love that the atmosphere held in the small basement of the Church. Aside from making sure every child went home with a new science concept, we made sure every child went home satisfied and cared for. I could never forget the experience Storefront Science and Leonisa (and of course MOUSE) provided me with this summer. It definitely was the better part of my summer and ended my summer with a bang. I have left this internship with a lot of experience, great memories and joy    



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