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When I had asked to work with a group of kids, I did not have this in mind but it worked out pretty nicely. Although it was a struggle for me at first it was overall a great experience that tested my patience and communication skills with the younger generation. I tried to sit down and observe but found myself playing and participating with the children, which ultimately created strong connections between me and the children and surprisingly even the parents. 

The first week was hard for me because of the need of getting used to the tumult of noise at Storefront on a habitual routine, but it only took a week for me to acclimate. My mentor Dr. A is an amazing teacher and mother to these children in the camp. These children learn about scientific concepts such as inertia and gravity at a young age, which allows for a better understanding in the future. I enjoyed learning with the children about concepts that I should have already known going into college and although it was embarrassing at times I enjoyed the playful laughter and excited taunts the Storefront Kids would throw at me at the end of camp. 

I never saw myself as a person who was able to be SO patient but it happened, mainly because I just started playing along and laughing with them. Leonissa is an AMAZINGperson with an enormously patient attitude and a fortified sense of education and direction. She cares about everyone of her tiny disciples and cherishes their responses although they sometimes make no sense.

Leaving the apprenticeship I am saddened because I will no longer be able to laugh and play like I am a 5 year old again I guess this was a good wake up call. Honestly inside I’m still one of those kids so thank you Storefront Science for magnifying the “inner child” with in.  


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