ROKO Labs Apprenticeship Experience

I was the youngest intern at ROKO Labs this year. Surrounded by all these elders and college-sempais (upperclassmen) made me really nervous at first. Especially on the first day, knowing that Amy was a member of the MOUSE Board, made me think that she’s a really strict person, but throughout the apprenticeship, I feel that she’s a very fun and wonderful person like Meredith. A great leader that always know how to make fun and work fit together at the same time. She is one of the most inspiring female that I look up too.

Working at ROKO Labs, I was able to help out bits and pieces of different projects that others have been working on. One project that I helped out is the ROKO Labs intranet using google sites. It took a lot of work, but each page was fun. It was hard to create an intranet because it was hard to make it appropriate but somewhat professional. Finding appropriate gadgets that fit for each of the pages werr hard but it was fun looking at the hmtl code to get rid of parts of the gadgets code when adding the gadgets to the page. Other projects that I was able to take a small part in was ONE-Access and NYSE Connect. My part in these projects are mostly the entering of data but knowing these applications/sites enlarges my knowledge base of the types of softwares available for the various businesses.

By the end of this apprenticeship, I’ve learnt a lot more about working in an co-working space, and the fun that it brings all. Connecting all that works there as well as all that visits there for work. Everyone treats each other with respect, the fun times that all share at the same time, it’s all great experiences. This apprenticeship gave me a lot of experience in learning about other interns’ college life and other co-workers’ employee/employer life. I’m sure this will encourage myself to work hard in both my future college and worker life.

IMG_3582 IMG_3576


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