In groups of 4, think of a design that you all use/experience regularly. Research 2-3 other iterations of that design (it could be earlier iterations or designs of the same thing but for made different users) 

Group members:

  • Kaylah
  • Seleste
  • Jaquan
  • Julian

What Object did you choose?

Kaylah, Seleste, Jaquan, and Julian has decided to look up chairs!!!!!!!!

2-3 Iterations: (Photos preferred!)

  1. Why do you think some one invented this product?

So they can rest their legs and feets

  1. Who is the intended user of each object?

Old people, Students, And lazy people who loves comfort.

  1. How and why are these iterations different?

One is a chair just to sit in, another for students to hold their books and write as they sit down, Lastly the other is used for comfort and relaxation

  1. Bonus: Can you think of any unintended uses for this product? (example: scissors for curling ribbon)

As a storage device (Julian)

To hit people with ( Seleste)

As a bed (Kaylah)

To stand in  (Jaquan)


8 thoughts on “Chairs

  1. My Preferred chair is a chairs that has multiple abilities from storing your favorite novels to treating your elbows. With it’s hard back seat t may not be for everybody, Although it does sure look like an impressive seat to own and have at your Estate.

  2. This chair provides a perfect example of how a very generally used object can be drastically altered to meet a very specific need and/or demographic. This particular gaming chair is made to be extrememly comfortable for long use, as is to be expected from gamers. It also has numerous attachments built in such as speakers.

  3. This chair seems to be this particular design for a couple of reasons. First, the uniqueness of it, as it stands out, is functional, and is visually appealing. Second, the overall simple design is very cost effective, yet doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics.

  4. all types are chairs are for different activities. however, it depends on the person which chair makes them comfortable for specific activity.
    i like all kinds of chairs; because we need specific furniture for different types of work.

    • A stool is another iteration of a standard chair. It requires more active sitting from the user and therefore there is more emphasis placed on posture since there is no back support. It can also be used as a means to reach higher things by using it as support. Stools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some will have minor back support, and some will be taller than others. Different places use stools, some examples are restaurants, bars, and laboratories.

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